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Interior Design & Furnishing

Transforming your space to fit your vision doesn't always require a full remodel. Selecting the right furnishings, paint colors, lighting, and window treatments can completely change a space. All interior projects are unique in their individual needs and progression, but a typical project follows a highly collaborative process, similar to our remodel process--with each step informing the next.

If you have questions about our process, drop us a line!


We meet with you to discuss your initial ideas, thoroughly review your priorities, and discuss what stays and what needs to change. This may include brainstorming in the space to get a feel for which directions we'll want to explore in our next steps.


We take thorough measurements of your space and create an accurate "as-built" of the existing space. We draft a handful of optional layouts to scale. We meet with you to compare each concept and select one or a combination of a few ideas to develop further.


Once our layout is decided upon, we develop ideas of what the space will look like. We assemble a collection of inspiration photos and key furnishings to help identify a style that fits you and your home.


We source actual finish, fixture, and furniture options through collected sample presentations and/or a series of local showroom visits. As you make selections, we integrate them into your plans and selection booklet.


We map out an action plan for pulling the space together as designed. We help you purchase selected items and find subcontractors for any speciality finishes or fixture installments. We prioritize availability during this crucial step to answer questions, provide guidance, and help ensure a quality final result.

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